Jill Chism, Artist

Jill Chism: Artist
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Waters' Edge - creating environments 2008-2009

The title Waters' Edge - creating environments suggests that we unwittingly or consciously co-create with nature, to establish the kinds of environments we now experience. It is at the interface with the waters' edge, where most of us live, that we can create the most damage or do the most good. We now more fully understand that nature is precious and that whatever we do impacts on all .
The Waters' Edge project, which I developed in 2006, took invited artists and myself to the deeper blacker spaces of socio political issues, including water misuse. We reflected on local and global issues of sustainability, the quality of water and its usage.

Some of the more potent issues include the alarming accumulation of toxic and plastic waste in earth oceans such as the 'Great Pacific Garbage patch', where 100 million tonnes of plastic circulates in two vast linked areas of the Pacific Ocean. Locally, water 'run off' along the Queensland coast has significant impacts on the reef and diminishing marine life. At the same time, I personally, developed a growing understanding of water's healing and therapeutic powers.

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