Jill Chism, Artist

Jill Chism: Artist
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Public Art Projects

From 1999, I have been commissioned to create 12 significant public art works ( including an ephemeral public art project) and 2 concept designs within Queensland. The works commissioned in this section range from fired paper clay, stainless steel, wood and marble tiles to processes such as photo-infused aluminium, etching, tiling and wood carving. Four of the commissions up to 2007 are included in this section.

Public Art is about bringing Art into the shared living environment, creating opportunities for people to gather, engage and interact with the work and its meaning. While my philosophy of life underpins the result, the premise of my approach is both intuitive and conceptual, meaning that my work is responsive to a proposal or environment rather than predictable. I also like to engage with questions about what sculpture is.