Jill Chism, Artist

Jill Chism: Artist
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Environmental Art

While aware of the world-wide environmental issues and the direct manipulation of the environment that is the basis of the collaborative approaches taken by the art practices of EcoArt and Eco terrain, (seeking to 'protect and preserve the world for its own sake' ), my emphasis is on my 'one to one' relationship to the natural environment. While broaching the bigger issues of negative human intervention and destruction, which a site dictates, my fundamental approach has been self questioning rather than didactic. My aim is to be open and self-instructive as a model of behaviour and a way to create change.

Remaining 'in tune' to what is present at chosen sites, (environmental issues and make up), it is who I am/ what I bring, that is fundamental to what I might 'create'.

From the influence of Oriental Philosophy, which has parallels with scientific models such as Quantum Physics, arguing connection at the lowest level of reality/Planc, and James Lovelocks Gaia Theory , which viewed the earth as a single planet sized organism, my emphasis is on interconnectedness, with 'who I am', my being, at the centre. At each new 'site', I am careful to remain open. Sensing and feeling a place is fundamental, initial research is essential.