Jill Chism, Artist

Jill Chism: Artist
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Totems and Spirals

Port Douglas Neighbourhood Centre 2006.Various heights up to 3metres. 20 metres in overall length.
Wooden poles, stainless steel, found objects in resin, photo-infused aluminium, and glass tiles, shells with stone pathways.

Inspired by the spiral symbol, as the emblem for the Port Douglas Neighbourhood Centre, this work reaches out through its interconnecting pathways, between the childcare centre and the neighbourhood centre. It is an invitation to engage with the outside and connecting the building with the landscape, through the familiar material of wood. The poles can be sat on and stood on as steps, as well as be encountered at eye height. Found objects and significant photographs are embedded in the poles.

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  • Work in situ width:494;;height:800
  • Workat the front of the Neighbourhood Centre width:582;;height:800
  • Work with garden context width:533;;height:800
  • close up width:535;;height:800
  • Work close up width:800;;height:535
  • Poles in the garden width:800;;height:533
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