Jill Chism, Artist

Jill Chism: Artist
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The Inner Circle

Pier Terminal Building Cairns Esplanade 2003
Fired paper clay and resin. 1.2metres to 50cm diameter circles 6 metres overall length.

In 2003, The Inner Curtain renamed The Inner Circle was placed in the new Pier Terminal Building on Cairns esplanade, designed by Cox Rayner Architects. Embossed with text from various religions and parts of clothing the work is an invitation to 'go inside' and investigate the formless for answers to the meaning of life. The glass cabinet adds a museum quality to the work where the circular fragments are reminiscent of whalebones or appear to be lifebuoys.

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  • width:778;;height:298
  • Detail of work width:800;;height:600
  • Work in context width:793;;height:559
  • Looking through the work width:599;;height:800
  • close up embossed element width:800;;height:600
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