Jill Chism, Artist

Jill Chism: Artist
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The Elemental Labyrinth

Marble, slate, aluminium and glass tiles on concrete 7 metres diameter. Artspace, Mackay 2002

The labyrinth is experiencing a global resurgence as it emerges as an emblem in many places in the world. Reasserting itself as a preeminent symbol consisting of a winding path leading through a series of twists and turns into a centre and out again. In this rendition the labyrinth incorporates the eight elements of wind water fire earth wood metal mountain and sea, which draw attention to the interdependence and natural cycles within the environment and symbolically to individuals living there.

Symbolising the journey of life, the overall work offers the viewer the opportunity to reflectively 'Walk a new path' or alternately engage with the symbol in a more light-hearted way.
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  • Labyrinth at Artspace width:800;;height:514
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  • The Labyrinth under construction width:552;;height:800
  • Walking the Labyrinth width:645;;height:800
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