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Jill Chism: Artist
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Greetings from Port Douglas

As part of a touring exhibition 'Souvenir' mounted by Kick Arts Inc. Cairns
The exhibition toured parts of Australia including the Adelaide Festival from 2004-2006
Digital images, paint, canvas and found objects on board. 3.6m x 2.4m

Firstly the work critiques postcards. I created this one from a photograph I took on Port Douglas beach. The image depicts an ordered, though humorous arrangement of plastic chairs and umbrellas unlike postcards, which depict un-peopled static images, beautiful one day, perfect the next as an unconvincing portrayal of the changing environment. In contrast I have offered another perspective.  Via differing filters for reality; the camera, digital images, painting styles and application the incorporation of found objects and portrayal of  different times of the day I have alluded to shifting perceptions of what is/ life in state of flux.

Secondly, the work is its critique of the destructive aspects of tourism via the accumulation of waste on the natural environment: The souvenir as a criticism of what tourists leave behind in the local environment. Imbedded in the image are large amounts of collaged plastic, which I gathered over a three-month period from Port Douglas beach.
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