Jill Chism, Artist

Jill Chism: Artist
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Cropped Hat

From 'Uncharted the River', which exhibited at Cairns Regional Gallery, Umbrella studio Townsville and Mildura Sculpture Festival

Found objects, a house, plastic sheeting and drawing materials.

The works chart objects found at the mouth of the Barron River, using 'running fixes'/ compass readings from surrounding mountains or three observable points at sea or in this case in the landscape. Once the compass readings are decided they are laid off on a chart so that the exact location of the vessel at sea (or here objects) can be determined. (I used this method for 10 years when I owned and sailed a yacht off the Whitsundays).
When inscribed on a chart the result of the three compass lines is a triangular 'Cropped Hat' showing the vessel located somewhere within the area of the triangle.

The idea of this work is to observe the artistic qualities of discarded objects and relocate them by their interesting surfaces, and textures caused by the tides and exposure to the sun and wind and other creatures. While exposing the way we have discarded waste each object offers forensic clues/ tells a 'story'.
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  • cropped hat house width:702;;height:509
  • steering wheel grainy image width:800;;height:492
  • steering wheel at gallery width:800;;height:555
  • cropped hat no 2 width:800;;height:576
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